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Rushmoor Healthy Living
Rushmoor Healthy Living,
Aldershot and Farnborough
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthShape

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,837,960

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great idess to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose

Med3 Music

Portsmouth £10,943 This two-year project is the continuation of Med3 Music’s existing work which is funded by the Trust. The group wants to continue to deliver music sessions for people from Portsmouth and surrounding areas who experience enduring mental health problems. There will be a music club for individuals who write their own original material and play instruments and sing. A separate club will provide an opportunity for people to take part in playing instruments, singing, listening and supporting each other through music in an informal environment. The project aims to address issues related to social isolation and mental ill health.

Aspire Ryde

Isle of Wight £39,880 This existing two-year project aims to deliver a programme of weekly horticultural activities in a community garden for residents of Ryde with mental and physical ill-health. Sessions will involve volunteers acting as peer mentors in order to provide more intensive support to people where needed. Whilst horticulture is the project’s main focus, tea breaks and informal trips to relevant places such as the local botanical gardens will provide opportunities to develop positive social skills and friendships, addressing the isolation many experience.

Breakout Youth

Southampton £23,767 This two-year project aims to deliver support to young people aged 13-25 in Southampton who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), or who are questioning their gender or sexuality. The continuation of an existing weekly youth group will include creative activities and talks, and a new monthly peer support group will specifically support those questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender. Individual advice and support will also be provided to young people and parents and professionals supporting them. Activities have been requested by the young people and they will continue to be involved in shaping the project through feedback at sessions and quarterly meetings. Meeting others experiencing similar issues, seeing positive adult role models, and talking about their experiences will help young people feel more included.

CHAT Confidential Help & Advice Team

Hampshire £11,822 This new two-year project aims to give residents the information and support to continue their everyday lives.  It will do this through holding coffee social sessions to bring local people together to socialise with each other building social bonds in the neighbourhoods. There will also be a weekly drop-in service for one-to-one support, allowing time to talk through problems and help with form filling. A regular litter pick in local neighbourhoods will bring generations together. The project will develop social contacts, friendships and build stronger support networks. The project was originally initiated by a few local people and as it grows will continue to be developed and shaped by its participants.

Creative Options Community Project

Southampton £43,268 This existing two-year project will provide support to people living across Southampton experiencing severe mental health issues. The project will continue to deliver a wide ranging programme of social and support activities  for adults and young people that includes weekly ‘hub’ drop ins, special events and a swimming group. The programme provides a vital social network, creative activities and mutual support and enables people to develop skills and talents, make new friends and build self-confidence.

Mayfield Nurseries

East Southampton £37,011 This new two-year project will support people with mental health issues to develop their own peer support network in East Southampton. This will be achieved through the development of three subgroups; a gardening group, a ‘walk and talk’ group and an open ended peer support group. A monthly social will bring all participants together regularly. The charity will employ a peer facilitator with lived experience of mental health challenges to empower participants to run their own peer led groups.

Monty's Community Hub

Southampton £32,166 This existing two-year project will build upon the success of people from an estate in East Sholing on the outskirts of Southampton who came together to take over a local youth centre to prevent its closure and have developed a successful community hub. The hub delivers a wide range of volunteer led activities to all sections of the community, building up the community’s aspirations and meeting local needs. This project will employ a Project Coordinator to oversee existing delivery and encourage new activities to develop, whilst also managing the team of local volunteers. The initiative will continue to be led and managed by local residents from the East Sholing and Hightown area.

Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS)

Portsmouth £38,046 This two-year project will deliver weekly peer support groups for adult female survivors of sexual abuse. Sessions will include the delivery of an existing drop in group as well as the development of an additional group that enables women to meet as a community of survivors in a safe and supportive environment where they do not feel judged or stigmatised. The participants will decide on what activities take place.

The United Voices of African Associations

Southampton £22,000 This new two-year project aims to deliver a range of support and activities to residents of Newtown, Southampton. Weekly day-long sessions held at a local community centre will enable residents of this ethnically and culturally diverse area to come together to socialise and share experiences on a regular basis. Activities and services to be offered include workshops, discussions, support or advice on welfare benefits, immigration, housing, and help with job searching, completing application forms offline and online.

TWICS (Training for Work in Communities)

Southampton £22,090 This new two-year project aims to bring people together around growing edible and attractive plants in community spaces. It is targeting residents from the neighbourhoods of Vanguard Road, Townhill Park and Harefield in Southampton. There will be at least four growing groups close to people’s homes with the participants meeting fortnightly around their own growing space. The intention is to bring residents together through an enjoyable activity, foster new friendships, help create a better environment and enable those taking part to learn new skills.

Big Fish 117 Ministries

 Farnborough  £34,764 This two year project will see the reinstatement of the heritage craft for conversation group for the local Nepalese community. The project will deliver health talks and exercise activities, craft sessions and ESOL lessons for Nepalese adults living locally.
Blue Apple Theatre Winchester £49,615 This existing 22 month project aims to deliver professionally-run drama and dance workshops and training for people with learning disabilities in Winchester.
Rushmoor Healthy Living Aldershot and Farnborough £38,188 This two year project builds on previous work. Rushmoor Healthy Living will deliver a participant-led programme to assist with the integration of local Nepalese people into the wider community. It will particularly target elderly Nepalese individuals as the barriers to integration for this age group can be greater. The project will provide weekly sessions in both Aldershot and Farnborough.
The Bivol Trust Portsmouth £13,984 This two year project builds on existing work. The Bivol Trust has been running two small music groups for young people a range of learning and physical disabilities and it now wishes to merge these into one and include dance as an activity. The focus would be on playing instruments, singing and dance/music and movement, but the volume of each activity would be up to the participating young people. The young people will come from all over Portsmouth.
Greater Rushmoor
Nepali Community
Greater Rushmoor £13,440 This new two year project aims to enhance the quality of life of Gurkha veterans aged 60-90 who are resident in Greater Rushmoor. It will provide them with a place to meet so they can socialise at least once a week and there will be trips to places such as museums and garden centres. The project is in response to the fact that they have little entertainment due to language barriers.
Headway Portsmouth
and South East Hampshire
Portsmouth £21,784 This two year project is the continuation of previous work which was ended due to a lack of funding.  The project will revive a carers group and respite support for carers of people with brain injuries and those being cared for. This will be delivered through social networking, training and support for the carers and stimulating activities, including sports sessions, for those being cared for. 
Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Club Portsmouth £19,940 This new two year project aims to train twenty volunteers who will be supported to plan and deliver ongoing community activities so that the club can offer more than just boxing to attract a wider section of the community. Activities will include an arts and crafts group, boxercise and a general fitness class.
HOPE Portsmouth Portsmouth £37,910 This two year project is based on a previous pilot. It will provide weekly creative arts and fitness classes in Somerstown Housing Estate in Portsmouth to encourage local women to socialise, make friends and learn new skills. The craft aspect of the project will involve the creation of marketable crafts and up-cycled items to sell at local events and at a Creators Market Christmas fair. 
Independent Arts Isle of Wight £19,650 This new two year project is based on a pilot scheme. Independent Arts wishes to run a Singing for Breathing project to offer a healthy social group activity for older people with long-term respiratory conditions who will come from different areas on the Isle of Wight.
Med3 Music Portsmouth £18,080 This existing two year project will enable the applicant to work more closely with existing members and draw new members. There is currently a waiting list of new members wanting to join. The applicant states that music can support those experiencing temporary distress or chronic and enduring problems, and promote recovery and wellbeing.  
The Paulsgrove
and Wymering Trust
Portsmouth £35,687 This new two year project will set up a samba band for local residents to learn samba, socialise and make friends in the local community. It is hoped the band will then be able to perform at local events and carnivals on a regular basis.
Stanmore Youth Centre Ltd trading as The Carroll Centre Stanmore £36,786 This two year project will help individuals in Stanmore, an area is south Winchester, to develop skills and confidence by encouraging them to use IT and social media to improve access to services, increase communication and reduce isolation. For novices and less confident users there will be some one-to-one mentoring and then they will be encouraged to attend some small, age-specific community sessions.
Wecock Community Association Waterlooville £50,000 This existing two year project aims to continue funding the role of its full time Community Development Worker (CDW) to engage and build relationships with the local community of Wecock Farm, an estate in Waterlooville, Hampshire.  Current post filled until November 2015 after which it is hoped a new person will be appointed. The project will benefit the whole of the local community served by the centre within the town of Waterlooville.
Winhester Live at Home Scheme Stanmore £13,136 This new two year project aims to deliver dance sessions for older people in the Stanmore area of Winchester. The project will deliver general community and neighbourhood work and address issues of social or emotional isolation and age.

A programme which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose

West Itchen Community Trust

Southampton  £770,577

The investment has been awarded through the Local Conversations programme – a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take to take local action about the things which matter to them.

To read more about this Local Conversation click here.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Parent Link Southampton £10,000  Provide a series of activities for rurally isolated young people with disabilities and their families. Thos on low incomes will be particularly targeted.
Meon Valley Carers Group Meon Valley £5,000 Set up an art group targeted toward people with dementia and their carers.
The Organic Cookery School   £9,318 Provide practical cookery sessions for parents and carers, demonstrating easy to follow recipes, changing nutritional needs of a baby and preparing homemade baby foods on a budget.
The Groundswell Trust   £7,388 Provide specialist support and home-based care for people living with HIV, tackling the inequalities, stigma and isolation people face and helping improve access to essential health care.
Breakout Youth Southampton £6,110 Provide health advice, support and advice for young LGBT people whose lack of understanding from family, friends and services can make grouping up confusing and isolating.
Multiple Sclerosis Society   £7,000 Provide weekly sessions for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable, progressive and degenerative neurological disease.

A programme which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose

West Itchen Community Trust

St Mary's Southampton £368,754

The investment has been awarded through the Local Conversations programme – a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take to take local action about the things which matter to them.

To read more about this Local Conversation click here.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.




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